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AABANA Beach & Watersport Resort Malapascua

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Boat tours Malapascua

Island Tours Malapascua


Island tour round Malapascua DURATION ABOUT 1 HOUR, 1/2 day, full day.

Trips in private boats with professional sailor (duration from 1 hours to half day) with
is used for various types of private tour around the island. Far from the bustling crowds, in complete comfort and safety, and with the assistance of an experienced sailor, visitors sail around the island, past Malapascua´s secluded coves, beaches and sea caves.

During the tour, stops are made so that passengers can take a swim in the crystal clear waters , visit some lonlely beaches and climb the steps leading up to the hill of Bantigue Cove and or going to the small peninsula near Lapu Lapu behind LOS BAMBOOS Resort, in which fascinating view over the northern or southern coastline of Malapascua can be seen.

During Full day tours for lunch, a light meal of tasty sandwiches and fresh fruit is served on board or barbeque with rice. Alternatively, passengers sail to one of Malapascua´s excellent coastal restaurants like ANGELINA, SUNSPLASH, MALAPASCUA LEGEND, HIPPOCAMPUS, or even MANGROVE ORIENTAL´s  up on the Hill , to enjoy some of the island’s superb fish or philipino cuisine. After lunch, guests bathe in the sun or snooze beneath the awnings, lulled by the movement of the waves and the gentle sea breeze until we go home.


Island tour around Malapascua
max. 8 persons

PhP 800.00 ( 1-4 persons)

PhP  1,000.00 (1-4 persons)

Each additional person

PhP   50.00

PhP    100.00

Island tour around Malapascua with stops for swim and island visits
max. 8 persons

PhP 1,200 ( 1-4 persons)

PhP  1,500.00 (1-4 persons)

Each additional person

PhP    55.00

PhP    110.00I

Customized Boat Tour


57´ Pumpboat

Are you looking for a boat cruise where you can just kick back and tell a boat captain where your desired destination is? Well then, we have the right cruise for you! Come in and speak with an AABANA team member about customizing a boat tour for you and your crew, ranging from an intimate backwater getaway to an all day party on the water. Trip times are arranged upon request, and based on availability. 

Customized boat tour ,where ever you want to go. Per boat. First 2 hours .

PhP   3,000.00

PhP   4,000.00

Each additional hour

PhP      700.00

PhP    1,600.00

Full day/8 hours

PhP   5,500.00

PhP   13,000.00


To be continued soon


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